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The charity currently has eight trustees. They form its Management Committee and make sure it works within the proper legal framework and according to charity rules. But we are also keen to build up a base of charity supporters, known as members. They will be on hand to suggest new fundraising events, participate in activities and check that the trustees are doing their job.


We would particularly welcome young people as members of the MMYF, since they are what the Fund is all about. Membership and involvement in the charity would introduce you to new people, help develop new skills and look good on future job, college and uni applications!

For older folk, the experience and expertise you have gained in family and working life is invaluable. We would hope that commitment to a charity that works with young people will bring its own rewards – and that you will enjoy joining in activities and supporting those who are setting out in life.


We have a nominal membership fee of £1 per year. In return we’ll make sure you are kept informed of what we are planning, what the young people we support are doing, and invite you to comment on the way we work. We know already that there is no shortage of good ideas and suggestions. Let’s hear them.

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